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Modalert is a licensed generic version of Provigil produced by Sun Pharmaceuticals. The active ingredient is modafinil which promotes wakefulness and prevents excessive daytime sleepiness.

What is Modalert?

Modalert 200 is a powerful stimulant and a licensed and approved generic version of Provigil. It contains the active ingredient modafinil and is made by the leading manufacturer Sun Pharmaceuticals. This medication belongs to the eugeroic class of medications which enhance wakefulness. Modalert UK medication is approved for the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness due to various sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder (SWSD).

This medication stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) which helps people with narcolepsy stay awake during the day. In fact, modafinil is the primary or first-line treatment for narcolepsy. It is also a popular treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness due to SWSD (shift work sleep disorder). This sleep disorder causes a disturbance to the body’s natural internal biological clock. It typically happens in people who work during a time when they would usually be sleeping. This medication has been shown to increase the attention span of shift workers during irregular work schedules.

People without excessive daytime sleepiness can also buy Modalert and take this medication for off-label uses. This medication enhances concentration skills, improves learning and boosts cognitive ability. This helps a person think more creatively and solve problems more efficiently. Modafinil has grown in popularity because it can help a person significantly improve their work productivity.

It has fewer side effects than other commonly used stimulants. In addition to its ability to increase wakefulness and alertness, it is thought to improve general mood. In clinical studies, this medication has been shown to help reduce fatigue and daytime sleepiness in patients with bipolar and major depression. This was when used either alone or concurrently with other medications.

Understanding the Mechanism of Action

Modafinil works by stimulating certain chemicals in the brain that control the sleep-wake cycle. It specifically enhances the wakefulness side of the cycle by acting on several neurotransmitters including dopamine, norepinephrine, orexin and histamine. These chemical messengers control sleep, wakefulness and alertness. By enhancing the activity of these chemicals in the brain, a person who takes Modalert UK tablets can feel more awake, focused and motivated.

An Overview of the Benefits

Modafinil targets certain areas of the brain that make you feel more alert and attentive. For this reason, this medication is popular among students, shift workers, business executives and virtually anyone who needs to stay awake and be more focused. It has continuously been shown to prevent daytime fatigue and sleepiness without affecting normal night-time sleep. Studies have shown that modafinil can increase concentration levels, improve memory and learning in both healthy people and those who are deprived of sleep.

In addition to its waking effect, this medication is also well known for its mood-brightening effects. Tedious or complicated tasks may seem more interesting and enjoyable with the use of this medication. The combination of improved focus and wakefulness often results in better cognitive ability and increased productivity. Modalert 200 tablets enhance cognitive ability which can have the following advantages:

  • An improved ability to concentrate on tasks.
  • A higher level of motivation to work or study.
  • Increased overall work productivity.

Usage Instructions and Precautions

For adults who order cheap Modalert online the recommended dose is one 200mg tablet daily. This can be taken once in the morning or in two divided doses. The tablet can be separated into two pieces so you can take 100mg in the morning and 100mg at midday. The dose can be increased to a maximum of 400mg per day. For elderly patients, the starting dose is usually 100mg per day.

This medication can be taken as needed or on a daily basis. Clinical studies have revealed that the use of modafinil is safe when taken for prolonged periods of time at moderate doses. This medication reaches its peak plasma concentration levels within 2 - 4 hours and has a half-life of 12 - 15 hours. For this reason, avoid taking it late in the day as this can interfere with sleep at night.

Are there Side Effects

In general, Modalert is considered safe for most people and only likely to provoke minor side effects. Common side effects that about 10% of people may experience include headache, nausea and dizziness. If you buy Modalert and experience these side effects, it may be helpful to know that they tend to diminish over the course of treatment. Headaches can be prevented by making sure you stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

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What's the difference between modafinil and Adderall?
Adderall contain amphetamine salts which the body can build tolerance to and this often results in individuals taking higher than recommended doses. Adderall also has a high potential for addiction. Modafinil use does not lead to either of these issues.

Can I drink caffeine if I am taking modafinil?
You can drink caffeine in moderation but excessive caffeine intake when taking this medication can result in over-stimulation.

How soon after consumption will I feel the effects?
The effects of the medication take 25 to 40 minutes to fully kick in.

How long does it take for the medication to leave the body?
Generally, the effects of the medication last for around 8 to 10 hours.

Is it safe to use SSRI anti-depressants with this medication?
Yes, not only does modafinil counteract negative side effect associated with SSRI use such as excessive sedation, it also improves mood and generally has a positive effect on mental health.

Is it OK to take every day?
Yes. The FDA has deemed this medication suitable for long-term use as it has almost no potential for dependence and no serious side effects.

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