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What Is Modvigil?

Modvigil is a popular brand of generic modafinil produced by HAB Pharmaceuticals. This medication was originally developed to treat sleeping disorders such as sleep apnoea, narcolepsy and to promote wakefulness, however, most users buy Modvigil for a completely different reason. This 'smart drug' is used extensively off-label to improve overall mental performance and concentration levels and to sustain these beneficial effects throughout the day. Modvigil tablets are available to buy at a much cheaper price than Provigil, the original brand. Its benefits have been responsible for a huge surge in demand from students, work professionals and even shift workers in order to enhance focus and mental capabilities.

Modvigil Tablets - How Does This Medication Work?

Modvigil 200mg contains the active ingredient modafinil, which is classed as a eugeroic (wakefulness promoting agent). Modafinil blocks dopamine transporters which are responsible for diminishing dopamine levels in the brain. This has the effect of increasing dopamine levels in the brain, which results in an increased transmission of neural impulses. It also increases the release and synthesis of norepinephrine and prevents its reuptake, which produces a direct stimulation of the beneficial cognitive effects of this neurotransmitter. This can be regarded as the single most direct reason for the substantial improvement this smart drug has on mental ability and wakefulness.

How to Use Modvigil For the Best Results

You are advised to ensure that Modvigil is safe for you to use and that you do not have any allergies or conditions that will cause undesired effects. It is also essential to ensure that any other medications you are using do not have any recorded adverse reactions/interactions with this medication. No other stimulants should be used at the same time as this medication, as this may also lead to undesirable side effects. Take one Modvigil 200mg tablet once a day with water around 1 hour before the beneficial effects are required. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

Modvigil vs Provigil - Is There Any Difference?

The difference between Modvigil and Provigil is that the former is cheaper due to the fact that it is a generic version. Both medications have been FDA approved and have been deemed safe and effective for the purpose they are used for. Both products are also available in 200mg tablets and so their effects are considered to be identical, as they include the same active ingredient and in same dosage.

Modvigil Tablets Side Effects and Precautions Explained

Side effects generally occur from not adhering to the medication instructions and usage recommendations. Although mild, these may include headaches and nausea and soon pass. Care should be taken to ensure that you are not allergic to any ingredients contained in Modvigil (particularly the active ingredient modafinil) and that none of your existing medications hinder its effectiveness.

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Research regarding modafinil use in the UK reveals that as many as 20% of the adult population suffer from daytime sleepiness issues or problems concentrating in the work or education environment. There are many Modvigil reviews to be found online that testify the benefits of this highly effective smart drug. You are also advised to research the precautions, side effects and recommendations pertaining to the medication for best results, however, this medication is very effective when taken correctly, with minimum unwanted effects worth worrying about.

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Is modafinil safe?
Yes, this medication is regarded as being very safe. No serious health problems have ever resulted from its use and it has a very low potential for addiction.

Are there alternatives to modafinil?
Yes, Adrafinil, Fluorenol, Pitosolant and Qualia all promote wakefulness and enhance cognitive ability by targeting the same receptors in the brain.

Will this medication affect my sex drive?
There should be no noticeable effect on sex drive, however, many men note that it takes longer than normal to reach the point of ejaculation.

Is it possible to overdose on this modafinil?
Experiments have been carried out where subjects were given huge doses of this medication over a period of 21 days but the results showed that it was not possible for a subject to have serious health complications as a result of this.

Can this medication help with creativity and focus when studying?
Yes, this medication actively enhances all cognitive processes.

Does modafinil make you feel high?
This medication will enhance mental ability and alertness but without the 'high' feeling associated with amphetamine use.

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