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What is Provigil?

Provigil is a medication recommended for the treatment of excessive sleepiness during waking hours. This can be as a result of sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and shift work disorder. The active ingredient contained in this medication is modafinil. Increasingly, this medication is being used off-label for its ability to increase concentration, alertness and cognitive ability. The main people who fall into this category are students and work professionals during times of increased duress, such as revising for exams or working for long periods of time without adequate rest. Provigil was initially licensed for use in the UK in 2002 and as the original brand of modafinil in the UK, is widely regarded as the benchmark in quality.

How Does Provigil Enhance Mental Ability?

Provigil works by affecting certain chemicals in the brain that play an essential role in the sleeping and awakening process. Specifically, it increases levels of dopamine in the brain by blocking the dopamine transporter which prevents reuptake of this chemical. Increased levels of dopamine in the human brain have the effect of increasing cognitive performance, enhancing alertness, and promoting feelings of well-being.

Who Can Benefit from Taking Provigil?

Obviously, people who suffer from conditions that the medication was originally intended to treat will benefit from the use of this medication. This includes people suffering from sedation during daytime hours as a result of insomnia and those suffering from sleep apnea, narcolepsy and excessive sedation due to unusual working hours as a result of shift work. People suffering from these conditions, however, are no longer the biggest group of users of this medication.

Most Provigil UK users are people who require increased concentration and improved mental performance for tasks performed at work or educational institutions. This includes students studying for exams, long distance lorry drivers, doctors, work professionals and personnel in the armed forces. All of these groups of people benefit from the use of this medication and specifically buy Provigil for the considerable advantages it offers.

How to Use Provigil

The recommended dosage for this medication is a 200mg dose once daily. When using this medication for the first time, some people choose to split the tablet to achieve a 100mg dose for a few days before using a 200mg dose. This medication should be taken with water, with or without food, and only once each day.

The time of the day the medication is consumed completely depends on individual circumstances. If Provigil is being used to deal with the negative effects associated with shift work, then it should be taken around 1 hour before work starts. If it is being taken to promote wakefulness when suffering from insomnia or sleep apnea, then it should be taken when waking in the morning. This medication should not be taken more than once per day and never late in the day otherwise undesirable side effects such as insomnia will be experienced.

Precautions and Considerations before Taking Provigil

Before deciding to buy Provigil online, there are some precautions that should be considered. Care should be taken to ensure that you are not allergic to modafinil before use. Also, this medication is not suitable for use if pregnant or planning to become pregnant. The risks to the developing fetus outweigh any benefits that this medication has to offer. It may also decrease the effectiveness of oral contraception, therefore many couples choose to use condoms as additional protection against an unwanted pregnancy. Medical advice should always be sought before use if:

  • suffering from heart problems or angina
  • there are previous or existing problems with alcohol or drug abuse
  • suffering from kidney or liver disease
  • using other medications, as they may interact with Provigil

For a full list of medications that are contraindicated for use with modafinil, seek the advice of a doctor. There is also an abundance of information to be found online regarding medications that may interact with Provigil.

Does this Medication have Side Effects?

Side effects associated with the use of this medication are not regarded as being severe

When is the ideal time to take this medication?
To treat shift work sleeping disorders, around 1 hour before work is due to start, and to treat sleepiness caused by insomnia or sleep apnea, take in the morning soon after waking.

Can Provigil help with weight loss?<
Yes, due to the fact that medications which increase dopamine levels suppress appetite at the same time.

Is it suitable for long-term use?
There is no health risk associated with short-term use, which suggests that this medication is safe to use for extended periods of time but there are no long term studies to back this up at the moment.

What is the ideal dosage for this medication?
After becoming accustomed to the effects of the medication when first using it, most people report that a single Provigil 200mg tablet is the ideal dosage.

Is Provigil available to buy online?
If the online store is a reputable one, buying online is a great way to obtain this medication and cheaper too.

Is this medication legal in the UK?
Yes, modafinil is not a prohibited medication in the UK.

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