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What is Vilafinil Used For?

Vilafinil is a tablet that is used to treat excessive sleepiness or sleeping disorders such as sleep apnoea, obstructive sleep apnoea/hypopnea syndrome (OSAHS), shift-work sleep disorder and narcolepsy. It is also used extensively off-label for its ability to enhance mental ability and concentration. It is considered one of the most popular nootropic drugs and is sometimes referred to as a 'smart dru' and 'cognitive enhancer'. The reason for the tablet's popularity is its affordability when compared to similar drugs in this category. The active ingredient in the tablet is modafinil, which belongs to a class of medications called wakefulness promoting agents.

How Vilafinil Improves Mental Ability

Vilafinil tablets improve mental ability by enhancing levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. It does this by entering the nervous system and stimulating the dopamine transporter to increase the circulation levels of this neurotransmitter. Increased levels of dopamine in the brain promote increased motivation, mental focus and stamina. Additionally, it is also responsible for enhancing a person's mood. Besides enhancing the effects of dopamine, Vilafinil alters histamine levels in the brain, which is related to sleep cycles and how a person perceives tiredness and wakefulness. Once this effect takes place, a person will feel increased energy and alertness, and reduced feelings of tiredness, especially at work.

How Should Vilafinil 200mg be Used?

Vilafinil 200mg comes as a tablet and should be taken whole with water. It is usually taken once in 24 hours, with or without food. For narcolepsy, sleep apnoea and OSAHS, the tablet needs to be taken in the morning, and for shift-work sleep disorder it needs to be taken one hour before work starts. The tablet should always be ingested around the same time every day and this routine should only be changed if advised by a doctor. In cases where a patient suffers from OSAHS, the tablet can be used in conjunction with breathing devices or additional treatments to help effectively deal with this condition.

Who Can Benefit by Taking Vilafinil?

There are several groups of people who may benefit from the use of Vilafinil 200mg tablets. Primarily, it is used to treat day-time sleepiness caused by narcolepsy, sleep apnoea, shift-work disorder and severe sleep disorders such as OSAHS, as mentioned above. It helps promote wakefulness, vigilance, concentration and alertness during working hours. It also acts as a powerful nootropic or study aid by enhancing cognitive function, and increasing concentration levels, alertness and memory retention. It is used by many students, as it helps them stay attentive for long periods of time.

Are there any Side Effects?

There are some side effects associated with the tablets, but if correct dosage instructions are followed, they are mild and tolerable. These include headaches, nervousness, trouble sleeping and dizziness. These side effects may occur in the early stages of use and will usually dissipate as soon as the medication is no longer active in the body. Not everyone experiences side effects and following recommendations and precautions will allow for optimum benefits to be experienced by most users.

Considerations before using Vilafinil

There are some precautions to be considered before you decide to buy Vilafinil 200mg online. Do not take this medication if you have an allergy or hypersensitivity to the ingredients in the tablet. Avoid alcohol while it is still active in the body as this can cause excessive drowsiness and possibly more severe complications. It is not advisable to take this medication if you have a history of drug abuse, or have a history of mental illnesses such as depression or psychosis.

Seek medical advice before taking this medication if you suffer from heart, kidney or liver disease, an irregular heartbeat or other types of heart problems related to stimulant intake, high blood pressure and chest pain. The medication may decrease your tiredness, but it is not a complete cure for sleep disorders. In addition, it is not recommended for treating general fatigue or to make up for lack of sleep. Modafinil may be habit forming if larger than recommended doses are taken for extended periods of time.

How to Buy Vilafinil Online in the UK

You can buy Vilafinil online in the UK from our trusted website. We are a reputable Vilafinil UK supplier that only stocks medications that are authorized for use by official government agencies in the country of origin. Simply choose the quantity of Vilafinil that you wish to purchase online, and complete the straight-forward and secure checkout process. Medication is usually dispatched the following working day once orders are placed on the website, and delivery usually takes place around 2 to 3 working days within the UK. Delivery will take around 7 working days to other destinations within the EU.

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Can this medication be detected in a drug test?
No, modafinil is a medication and not an illegal substance so it will not be screened for during a drug test.

What is the recommended dosage when taking modafinil for the first time?
If you are taking this medication for the first time, split a 200mg pill in half. After becoming accustomed to this dosage after a number of days, this can be increased to a full pill each time it is used.

Can this medication help jet lag?
Yes, this medication is frequently used to address the problems caused by jet-lag.

Will this medication keep me awake at night?
Only if it is taken too close to bedtime otherwise it will not.

Is it safe to use this medication if pregnant?
No, this medication should be avoided if pregnant or planning to become pregnant as there may be risks to the developing fetus.

Is this medication available to buy worldwide?
Yes, if bought online, this medication is available to be dispatched to any worldwide destination.

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